Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order ship?

We are accepting pre-sale orders from April 16th and all orders will be shipped May 1st, 2018. Orders placed after May 1st will be shipped within 5-7 business days.

Who can lead a class?

Anyone can lead a small group using this curriculum.

Who is the ideal student?

Anyone who desires to grow in their relationship with God. This course is not exclusive to “prophetic” people, it is for everyone and will help you develop your relational conversation with your heavenly Father.

What can I hope to learn?

There are dynamics to the spiritual life that affect anyone who seeks to grow spiritually. In this small group study you will learn about those dynamics, learn how to accelerate your spiritual growth, and deepen your relationship with God.

How long are the videos?

The videos on the DVD range from 20 minutes to 30 minutes in length.

How long will the homework take?

The Hearing God’s Voice small group study was developed with a busy schedule in mind. It will take between 10–15 minutes a couple times a week. If you have the time, it would be easy to go longer if you want to!

How many lessons are included?

The small group study lasts for 11 weeks with a lesson for each week.

Will I receive a certificate?

There is not a certificate of completion for this course.

What is the return policy?

If you receive a damaged book or DVD we will be happy to replace or refund your purchase immediately. If you are a small group leader or a church that purchased more workbooks than you needed and are not planning on running this curriculum in the future we will refund the purchase price for the manuals if you return them to us undamaged.

Can I purchase a download of the DVD and Workbook?

Hearing God’s Voice small group study is not currently available as a download.

I've finished the group class, what products do you suggest now?

To continue your spiritual growth there may be a few paths to suggest, it really depends on what God is leading you towards:

  • The last lesson in the small group, Godward Meditation, is expanded significantly in The Art of Praying the Scriptures: A Fresh Look at Lectio Divina a book written by John Paul Jackson and John E. Thomas.
  • If you want to learn more about prophetic gifting John E. Thomas’ teaching set Prophetic Reformation: Maturing Prophetic Communities or John Paul Jackson’s teaching set Developing Your Prophetic Gift would be great choices.
  • For those curious about dream interpretation the video series Dream Foundations by John E. Thomas is a great resource to start your journey. If you want to go deeper Essentials of Dreams & Visions by John Paul Jackson, or our Introduction to Dreams bundle are great options to learn more.
  • If your community wants to go even deeper check out our online classroom at All of our courses have discounted prices for groups and we have teachers around the world that would love to come teach the courses live at your church or ministry!

How long is each weekly meeting?

The Hearing God’s Voice small group study was designed to last around 90 minutes. If you open up more discussion or make room for more ministry you can make it longer.

Do I need more than one Hearing God's Voice DVD?

You will want one DVD per small group. There is no need to purchase a separate DVD for each person attending your group.

Do we need more than one Hearing God's Voice small group study workbook?

Each participant will want their own workbook. The workbook has a short article to read before the group, questions to think through, and a prayer journal included for each week. Each of these add to the spiritual growth that each participant will experience as they interact with them. It would also be best if married couples each had their own book so that they can make their own notes in the workbook.

Is Hearing God's Voice small group the same as The Art of Hearing God course?

No, it is not exactly the same, but it does cover some of the material from The Art of Hearing God. In The Art of Hearing God we cover much more related specifically to the gift of prophecy and prophetic ministry. Hearing God’s Voice takes portions of The Art of Hearing God that are not directly related to the prophetic gift and expands them for small group interaction. The videos are excerpts of John Paul Jackson teaching The Art of Hearing God. If you have taken The Art of Hearing God previously you can still get a lot out of Hearing God’s Voice—one, because of the small group interaction the material will take on new meaning, two, whenever you review something you have learned before you see new points, and three, the questions and homework in the small group study add another layer to what you are learning that is not found in The Art of Hearing God.

No wthat I have done the Hearing God's Voice small group study do I need to take The Art of Hearing God?

There is a lot more material covered in The Art of Hearing God than is in Hearing God’s Voice. You do not need to, but if you want to understand more about prophecy and the prophetic gift it will be a significant resource for your spiritual growth.